Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders

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Tom Seaver & the 1973 World Series
(posted: 3 May 06)

Did Yogi cost the Mets the ’73 Series? A herd of Primates hashes out the answer as only they can.

Grady & Pedro: A Dissenting View
(posted: 3 May 06)

In the book, I’m highly critical of Grady Little’s strategy in the decisive game of the 2003 American League Championship Series. Here, Bill Deane deftly defends the ex-Red Sox skipper.

Jimmy McAleer & the 1912 World Series
(posted: 3 May 06)

The actions of Red Sox owner Jimmy McAleer did not, in the end, cost his team the World Series. But he did hurt his personal standing, and perhaps eventually his ownership of the franchise. Mike Kopf has the details…

Jim Baker: too big for radio, too small for the movies…
(posted: 3 May 06)

In which our intrepid scribe, thanks to the foolishness of Red Sox management, makes his first (and so far only) television appearance.

What They’re Saying

about Rob Neyer’s Big Book of Baseball Blunders:

Rick Freeman, Trenton Times:

“A wonderful effort by a true student  of the game’s history.”

Chad Finn, The Boston Globe:
“remarkably fun and informative book, a worthy addition to any fan’s summer reading list.”

David Damiani, The American Enterprise:
” . . . a swift and engaging read, one of the most endearing baseball books to come along in some time…”

Jim Callis, Baseball America:
“Even connoisseurs of baseball history will learn something new reading this book.”