Feeding the Green Monster

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Feeding the Green Monster was published as an e-book, but it was (and is) also available in a trade-paperback edition. The e-book’s a lot cheaper, but of course you can’t read it when the seat-belt sign is on.

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Below are links to a few articles related to Feeding the Green Monster. Bestseller to E-book in One Easy Step What happens when you write a book and your editor hates it? In which your faithful author saves you the trouble of finding out for yourself… Talkin’ Fenway An always-growing collection of quotes about Fenway Park and the Red Sox. Fenway Since the Book… After writing Feeding the Green Monster, I high-tailed it back to the Pacific Northwest (you wouldn’t believe what they get for a one-bedroom apartment in the Fenway neighborhood). Fortunately, my friend Jason Brannon remained behind, and he’s got a report on what happened to Fenway Park after John Henry bought the Red Sox in 2002. Monster: a Few Corrections Not many, being as how this book wasn’t predicated on . . . y’know, facts. Still, it’s important to admit your mistakes (unless you make a lot of them, in which case it’s not worth the trouble).
Feeding the Green Monster Feeding the Green Monster

What They’re Saying

About Feeding the Green Monster: “Rob Neyer maintains ties to his Sabermetric roots in Feeding the Green Monster, but it is the diary-like nature of his season at Fenway that hooked me…”
— Customer review from Amazon.com