Monster: A Few Corrections

Feeding the Green Monster


…related to Feeding the Green Monster, but not included in the actual book.

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A Few Corrections

On page 19, I wrote a short essay about Gary Gaetti being the last major leaguer to wear a batting helmet without any earflaps (and no, John Olerud doesn’t count). At that point, Tim Raines had been forced from baseball with a serious illness . . . but I shouldn’t have counted him out, as he returned to the majors in 2001, and brought with him the old-style, flapless batting helmet. So for those of you keeping score at home, Raines is the answer to the trivia question, Who was the last major league player to bat while wearing a helmet with no earflaps?

On page 131, I identified Rene Lachemann as the Cubs’ pitching coach; actually, he was the bench coach (and one reader, who if memory serves absolutely hated the book, couldn’t believe I could be so #&@% stupid, to make a mistake like that).

On page 219, I’ve got “Framingham Lou” Merloni going to Providence University, and I’ve got Framingham 20 miles east of Boston. But of course Merloni actually went to Providence College, and the only thing 20 miles east of Boston is a whole lot of salt water (Framingham is west of Boston).

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